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About Us

Our product is a roadmap assistant that helps users achieve their goals by using a step-by-step roadmap. This site can create a personal roadmap for users in IT. It will be useful for users with a background in the field because it can create a roadmap based on your already known skills. It is also great for beginners because it creates a roadmap for some majors on how to start from scratch and provides useful resources where users can learn material and practice.


I am Anuar, the founder of this project.

The concept for this project was born out of my own struggle to find a structured roadmap when I was just starting out in IT. I wanted to build something that would not only guide aspiring professionals on their IT journey, but also provide resources to help them develop and grow in their careers.

I truly believe that technology can empower us and transform the world we live in. If you like this project and share the same belief, you can donate to support it. Your donation will go towards making this platform even better and reaching more people in need of guidance.

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